March 2020 Bootcamp - Myron Fowler

March 6-7, 2020

4 Seats Left

Attendee Limit: 10

How to Get The Most Out of your

Digital Camera to Create

Stunning Photographs!

Hosted at The Hampton Inn in Page, Arizona.

March 6-7, 2020.

(Bonus #1 will take place on March 5, 2020 – See below for details.)

Here's what you will discover at the 2 Day Digital Camera Boot Camp & Photography Workshop:

* How to create stunning photographs at any time of the day.

* Three things to ALWAYS DO when photographing the sunrise or sunset.

* How to identify the best camera settings for the photography you love - whether that be your kid playing sports, wildlife or a beautiful landscape scene.

* How to read the light to create engaging photographs EVEN if you are new(er) to digital photography!

* How to create attractive black and white images when MOST people put their cameras away.

* How to process your images for story telling and 3 tips I use in writing.


IF you are using AUTO or Pre-Programmed modes on your camera, more than likely, you are NOT using your camera to its full potential and could be missing some opportunities.

This bootcamp is where you will stop using AUTO MODE!

You'll see my proven approach to photography that I've used to teach students in high school, camera club members and to those who are new like Amanda in the success story below.

"My daughter says she learned more about photography with Mylo (in 2.5 hours) than she did in the high school photo class she took ALL LAST YEAR". TB - Boston, MA.


"I am new to photography, going into Mylo's course in 2019, I didn’t know what to expect. I am blown away at the hands on experience and care he takes with the group. He knows and loves the land and the on-site locations were breathe taking!!

I went from knowing nothing to having the confidence in any situation. From photographing kids while playing to exposure for sunrise and sunsets. I did not expect to gain the knowledge that I did. Thank you Mylo for these courses. You're such a light in the world!" Amanda D. – UT.


Think of the photo's you've seen on my website or social media feeds - there is a pattern for success and it begins with the camera.

Once you learn how to use your camera, you'll consistently generate great images. From the images you take, create great final edited photographs!

Especially having the right camera settings when your kid is about to score a goal. I’ve been there and have been THAT parent preserving memories from incredible trips!

Some of my images have been used by companies like Redbull, Goal Zero, Nissan USA, Adidas Terrex, General Tire and many others in the outdoor and off-road industry. They've also been shared in magazines like Arizona Highways, Ultra Running and Native Peoples. I've also taken over Adobe Lightroom on Instagram - they have over 1.6MM followers!

One previous attendee said...

"Excellent guide and instruction by Mylo on how to get the most out of your digital camera!Amazing what even simple cameras can achieve with Mylo’s knowledge!Mylo, if you read this: Your office should give users a short info that they have been signed up for your most excellent trip!Keep up your excellent work!"

Peter K. - Switzerland.

This 2 Day Digital Camera Bootcamp and Photography Workshop will be packed with hands on training to dial into your digital camera and getting away from the 900 page manual - it will be fun!

You will see live examples on a near 10 foot projected screen and instant results while we are side by side in the field.

We will spend time in our private conference room to show you the adjustments and how to edit your images.

One thing I LOVE to do is take a good photograph made by an attendee and breathe life into as we edit the image.

You will see the step by step process in editing the images we take.

SEATS ARE LIMITED: ONLY 10 people will be able to attend this bootcamp. The 2 bootcamps in March of 2019, (20 seats) SOLD OUT!

You will receive a form in advance so I can understand your level of photography, the kind of equipment you have so we can make the most out of these 2 days.

Whatever you want help with, tutorial videos will be made in advance so you can begin learning before we even meet in March.

HOWEVER, WE ARE NOT going to spend all of our time in a conference room. Like any trade, time is spent in a classroom and in the real world — luckily for us that will be a beautiful part of Northern Arizona!!

Photography is also about having a good composition. Some details are better left out while prominent subjects HELP tell your story. Good simple images can create a profound impact.

YOU DON'T NEED the biggest, newest camera or the most expensive one. In fact, the sunrise image below was taken from my $500 Canon set up.

"The workshop with Mylo exceeded my expectations as a photographer. Beginning with his welcoming session, when he introduced himself, discussed his approach to photography and reviewed our agenda, to the final amazing sunset, he was a   professional. Mylo quickly helped me take my photography to another level at every diverse venue. His photo-processing sessions using Lightroom were incredibly helpful to me. The added bonus was the education I received about the Navajo traditions and way of life, and the stunning beauty of Navajo lands. I highly recommend Mylo's workshops. His energy and positive attitude are infectious. He is a talented photographer and teacher and I am grateful for my time with him!" Martha J. – Virginia.


Simply bring the camera you use now and we will step away from the confusing manual and walk into a fun world behind the camera. Some of my most rewarding images have been taken off of cameras that are over 15 years old!


Want a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE?  IF by the end the 2 day bootcamp you think you didn't learn enough about photography, simply let me know and we will refund you the fee. You'll have our money back guarantee.


* 4 Seats Left *

Payment Options

IF you need to cancel the workshop, we can do 1 of 2 things.

1) IF your seat is replaced by another attendee when the workshop fills, we can refund you or

2) Use your payments made towards another workshop. You can use the paid funds towards another workshop within 24 months of this event which I am not co-leading.

Bonus #1: The first 5 who enroll will have a special long evening session the evening before we begin the bootcamp and workshop. We will visit one of my favorite places to photograph the sunset in the area. (This special session begins at 4:30pm on March 5, 2020.)

Bonus #2: IF you bring a friend or a significant other, you and all in your group will each SAVE 10%! More fun can be had when you bring a friend because afterwards you can continue photographing together on other adventures.

Bonus #3: 'My Rad Camera VIP Instagram Page'. Access to a closed mastermind group where ongoing training, tutorials and feedback will take place. FOR PREVIOUS BOOTCAMP and WORKSHOP ATTENDEE'S ONLY.

Bonus #4: Live Follow Up Group Webinar. We will have a live online event where we'll spend at least an hour together to review images, lessons learned and success stories from post BOOTCAMP/WORKSHOP adventures.

Bonus #5: Portrait Session and Review! We will have a Navajo portrait session. I've photographed portraits from Hawai'i, Alaska to Navajoland. You'll see how I frame the image and edit the photograph for high impact results using NO FLASH but natural light.

Our time spent in the conference room will be at The Hampton Inn in Page, AZ. 

You can call The Hampton Inn at (928) 645-0075 to reserve your room.


The Hampton Inn

294 Sandhill Road 

Page, AZ 86040

Workshop Overview

We will have a 'meet and greet' to introduce each other and have an overview. We will review items related to travel, current weather and photography basics. Our short meet and greet will begin Thursday evening  March 5, 2019 from 7:30pm-8:30pm local time. Please meet at The Hampton Inn conference room. (For the first 5 who enroll, our sunset session will begin the evening before, March 5, at 4:30pm. IF you don't confirm, others may be invited to take your spot for the evening session.)

As we get closer to the bootcamp date, you will receive emails with any updates and changes.

Please arrive no later than 6:30pm on March 5th. The bootcamp locations will encompass the wonderful Navajo Sandstone terrain of Northern Arizona. This particular bootcamp will have a large emphasis on "Understanding and Controlling Light" and "Image Creation".

Bring your lenses, photography gear and tripod. IF you don't have a tripod, please reach me at and we can have a short conversation on what will be best for you. I highly recommend using a tripod.

Bring your laptop. We will edit images using Adobe Lightroom. IF you don't have Adobe Lightroom, there is usually a free trial version. Let me know if you have questions regarding this editing software. Lightroom is made to process photographs and will greatly benefit you EVEN if you've never edited a photograph before! I'll help you :)

Bootcamp Details

Attendee Limit: 10 with 4 Seats Left.

Though I have worked with groups larger than 10 attendee's, we will have plenty of time to enjoy photography over the two days.

The Boot Camp: Processing Images

I edit my work using Lightroom and highly recommend using it for your images. You DO NOT NEED Lightroom in order to attend. I firmly believe processing an image is important! The time we have to process our work will provide plenty of opportunities to learn, apply and grow. I've found that a discussion or group mastermind session has always helped attendee's gain a better understanding of what other photographers create during the same time.

The feedback is usually one of the highlights of the workshop. We will have group critique sessions and recommendation review. With post processing, I will cover the exercise and routine I go through when processing a digital file and show you how to be effective while processing your files. Since I use large format view camera's, I still create photographs from the ol' traditional darkroom. Working in this traditional fashion has allowed me to look for minute details and to make precise edits in my digital processing workflow. IF you are new(er) to photography, we will cover the important elements to take into consideration when processing your image.

My images have been used by Adobe Lightroom. You'll see the important and helpful ways to edit your own photographs to create wonderful images.


"Mylo excelled as a guide and instructor. We could not have been happier with Mylo’s knowledge, encouragement, and patient instruction—Cindi (a beginner) and I (a more experienced photographer) both made enormous leaps in our abilities to shoot and develop images.

Teaching digital camera basics, to framing/composing and shooting photographs, to developing those into striking finished images, requires a broad range of knowledge and talent—Mylo has all of that.

More importantly for the student, he has the skill to convey techniques in clear, well-organized ways. Lightroom is a very powerful tool, but without the kind of experience and instruction that Mylo provides, much of that power remains confusing and out of reach.

Mylo took us through all of the possibilities that were present in a particular image, and helped us learn and choose the best Lightroom tools to bring out the heart and soul of our photographs.

He simplified the process and pointed us toward advanced techniques. If you have the chance to work with and learn from the incredibly talented Mylo Fowler—shooting photographs and developing them with Lightroom—Cindi and I encourage you to seize that opportunity.You will be greatly rewarded."

Michael and Cindi P. — Santa Fe, NM.

"I recently participated in two different workshops led by Mylo Fowler, Navajoland (northern Arizona) and Monument Valley. Both were fabulous! Although I have spent most of the last five years or so photographing nature, my focus has been wildlife more than landscapes. I know that I learned more from Mylo in eight days than I have in years about photographing landscapes and taking advantage of the incredible scenery and light he showed us.

He also spent a lot of time with us working on the processing end of photography – turning wonderful images into truly great ones. But best of all, Mylo shared his rich Navajo heritage with us through his amazing images, his stories, and his unique access to some of the most spectacular lands anywhere in the world. I definitely plan to travel with Mylo again and, without any reservations, recommend his workshops to photographers of all levels. Thank you, Mylo, for making me a better photographer and expanding my horizons. I’m proud to call you a friend!” Cheers!

Andrea W. - Utah 2x Navajoland Workshop Attendee

Mylo is an exceptional photographer and travel guide with an extensive knowledge of all photographic formats and a great passion for his native homelands.Shooting 8x10 film is far from easy and is a specialist field, yet Mylo’s innate ability to get the most out of this format is demonstrated in the quality and depth of his portfolio, which is a testament to patience, persistence and an intricate understanding of light and land.

My trip was guided by Mylo and to be honest I couldn’t have wished for more. His uncanny ability to provide the best possible shooting conditions in a tough environment was timed to perfection, and in that place timing is everything! I flew half way around the world for this opportunity and I wasn't disappointed!

Guy Havel Award Winning PPA Landscape Photographer (Australia)

Mylo, I wanted to thank you for the fun experience of being with you on Jack's workshop. You were the spice that made it perfect. I knew Jack would have native assistance, but I didn't dream it would be anyone as good as you were.

Here's a testimonial you can use on your website if you wish.

"Mylo Fowler is an enthusiastic and talented Dineh (Navajo) landscape photographer who is superbly qualified to guide other landscape photographers to the natural wonders of his homeland.

He is proficient with digital as well as medium and large format photography and knows where and when to get the best light. He has a great sense of humor, is fun to be with, and even speaks French

!If you would like to photograph Navajoland, you will get more out of it if guided by Mylo. I highly recommend him."

Gordon H. - Pennsylvania

March 6-7, 2020

4 Seats Left

Payment Options

"My time with Mylo in Page, Arizona was much more than I expected. The first time I saw an image of a slot canyon I knew I wanted to go there and capture my own.

Mylo was with our group every step and made sure that EVERYTHING went smoothly including a few personal hiccups for me. Mylo's inside knowledge of the area and his connections with the people makes all the difference. It was four days I will always remember.

Antelope Canyon was the highlight. We spent two hours in each canyon and it seemed like twenty minutes. It was so spectacular. It is an intense visual and personal experience.

One camera tip he taught me ended a huge long-time frustration for me. Every moment of the trip was very positive whether it was out shooting or in the classroom. I learned so much from Mylo. I hope to go with him again."

David B. – Utah2x Navajoland Workshop Attendee

Mylo, It was great meeting you on the photo workshop last week. Thank you for all the tips and helpful hints to improve my photography skills both in the field and Adobe Lightroom. I was impressed by your artistic abilities not only with the camera, but also with music and languages.

Hope our paths cross again.

Kishore K. – Illinois

"I want to thank you again for the amazing workshop you led on Navajoland. Not only did you introduce us to stunning scenery but you also provided useful and informative insight into what to look for when photographing landscapes as well as how to use our camera's to achieve the best photo's we could in many different situations.

You provided one-on-one time with us within that group setting that felt individualized and sincere, nothing ever felt rushed. You truly cared that everyone had a great learning experience as well as proper guidance throughout the few days we spent together. I am so excited about the images I was able to capture and I feel my skill level has dramatically improved. I highly recommend your course for all levels of photographers. I will be looking forward to attending another workshop of yours in the near future.


Stacy & Curt H. – Park City, Utah

Both 2x Navajoland Workshop Attendee's

"My experience at the Northern AZ workshop was both enlightening and exciting. The landscape is unique and colorful. The vistas are iconic.

Mylo’s lifelong knowledge of the area combined with his expertise as a photographer created opportunities otherwise unavailable.

As a Navajo having spent his life in the area, Mylo is able to convey the history of the region and its people, giving more context to workshop. I would excitedly return and work with him again."

Terry H. – Ohio

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