Workshop - Myron Fowler

March 8-9, 2019

What if I gave you my $12,000 digital camera set up. Where would you go? Would you know how to create wonderful photographs with it? IF not, this 2 day boot camp is for you! It is for those who want to make the greatest advancements in photography by knowing more of what a digital camera can do.

As one previous workshop attendee has said, "Excellent guide and instruction by Mylo on how to get the most of your digital camera, amazing what even "simple" cameras can achieve with Mylo’s knowledge! Mylo, if you read this: Your office should give users a short info that they have been signed up for your most excellent trip! Keep up your excellent work!" Peter K. - Switzerland

Another favorite success story comes from Boston, MA "My daughter says she learned more about photography with Mylo than she did in the high school photo class she took ALL LAST YEAR". (We accomplished a lot in 2.5 hours!)

My 2019 schedule will be available soon. We will have an even greater variation of locations, models and also photographing from higher vantage points from ultralights, helicopters and planes.

We are focusing on seeing Navajoland differently in 2019! If you would like to be notified of the 2019 schedule, please email me at

I hope you enjoyed the video above. IF you haven't watched it, I would recommend taking just a couple minutes to see what we do.

We thank you for your time and wish you great blessings in the pursuit of photography!


"I recently participated in two different workshops led by Mylo Fowler, Navajoland (northern Arizona) and Monument Valley. Both were fabulous! Although I have spent most of the last five years or so photographing nature, my focus has been wildlife more than landscapes. I know that I learned more from Mylo in eight days than I have in years about photographing landscapes and taking advantage of the incredible scenery and light he showed us.

He also spent a lot of time with us working on the processing end of photography – turning wonderful images into truly great ones. But best of all, Mylo shared his rich Navajo heritage with us through his amazing images, his stories, and his unique access to some of the most spectacular lands anywhere in the world. I definitely plan to travel with Mylo again and, without any reservations, recommend his workshops to photographers of all levels. Thank you, Mylo, for making me a better photographer and expanding my horizons. I’m proud to call you a friend!” 

Cheers! Andrea W. - Utah 2x Navajoland Workshop Attendee

Mylo is an exceptional photographer and travel guide with an extensive knowledge of all photographic formats and a great passion for his native homelands.Shooting 8x10 film is far from easy and is a specialist field, yet Mylo’s innate ability to get the most out of this format is demonstrated in the quality and depth of his portfolio, which is a testament to patience, persistence and an intricate understanding of light and land. My tour was guided by Mylo and to be honest I couldn’t have wished for more. His uncanny ability to provide the best possible shooting conditions in a tough environment was timed to perfection, and in that place timing is everything! I flew half way around the world for this opportunity and I wasn't disappointed!

Guy Havel Award Winning PPA Landscape Photographer (Australia)

Mylo, I wanted to thank you for the fun experience of being with you on Jack's workshop. You were the spice that made it perfect. I knew Jack would have native assistance, but I didn't dream it would be anyone as good as you were.

Here's a testimonial you can use on your website if you wish. "Mylo Fowler is an enthusiastic and talented Dineh (Navajo) landscape photographer who is superbly qualified to guide other landscape photographers to the natural wonders of his homeland.

He is proficient with digital as well as medium and large format photography and knows where and when to get the best light. He has a great sense of humor, is fun to be with, and even speaks French!

If you would like to photograph Navajoland, you will get more out of it if guided by Mylo. I highly recommend him."

Gordon H. - Pennsylvania

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