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Mylo Fowler is a husband, father and photographer using traditional large format view cameras to photograph the landscape. Navajoland is at the core of his exposures which have earned him numerous awards in fine art photography.

While he still prints in the traditional darkroom creating handmade silver gelatin and platinum palladium prints, he also embraces digital photography and non-traditional printing methods.

He loves focusing on using exceptional sweet light and capturing the vibrant exposure values.

"I've traveled to many amazing landscapes around the planet for personal and unique photography assignments. Thought Nature is beautiful everywhere, the greatest difference is that the other lands haven't impacted me as much as Navajoland....

Navajoland raised me and my life began within the Four Sacred Mountains. My clans are deeply rooted with profound stories and ceremonies of the old Navajo ways...

For that, I have focused on photographing home. Our land was once taken away in the 1860's and through photography, I want to show and appreciate all her beauty."

After a Navajo child is born, a small piece of his or her umbilical cord is buried in red earth to symbolize his or her foundation in life. A piece of Mylo is buried deep in Navajoland.

Mylo often travels with his family to increase the time they have together in wonderful places. His wife, Lauren and their two kids, Denali James (6) and Aurora Winter (4) also known as Bubblegum, often seek adventures with fly fishing gear in hand and portable power to be off the grid.

Communicating the history of Navajoland is a tremendous part of Mylo's imagery. His paternal grandfather, King Fowler, was one of the original Navajo Code Talkers in World War II. The language was used to transmit important information and the code was never broken.

Though Denali and Aurora are half Navajo and half awesome, Mylo strives to share the stories of the homeland with his family and most certain, his collectors and social media followers.

Having learned English around the age of 11, Navajo is his first language. Preserving the Navajo language is vital to the Navajo people. In finding creative ways to preserve the language, the first film the Navajo Tribe ventured to translate into the mother language was the original Star Wars movie. Mylo auditioned for Star Wars and a second film, Finding Nemo.

Though he didn't receive a call back for Star Wars, he is the voice of 'Crush' in the Navajo version of Finding Nemo - "DUUUDE!!!" Aside from speaking Navajo, Mylo is also fluent in French.

He has shared his images and stories with students and collectors from Fairbanks, Alaska to others places around the world like Berlin, Germany and into Hong Kong, China.

Mylo can make friends just about anywhere from random gas stations in the American West to Paris, France.

He LOVES to see others enjoy landscape photography in locations he knows intimately well.

He has guided tens of thousands of photographers from all experience levels and is often asked for input in todays search of photographing products in wonderful locations throughout his footprint. He has provided input and participated in projects of those like Chris Burkard, Thomas Manglesen and companies like Goal Zero, Nissan Trucks USA and many, many more.

Many of his workshops fill to capacity due to his keen knowledge of the land and how to approach photography in a one on one, hands-on environment.

The knowledge he has of the land and the light is often the reason Mylo is asked to assist and co-led workshops and seminars with industry leaders like Art Wolfe, Arizona Highways, Jack Graham and many others.

One of his most important things to do is find ways to give back and help people in need using proceeds from his photography work, like your purchase(s).

In 2015, the environmental disaster of the Gold King Mine Spill contaminated millions of gallons of fresh water in Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona.

Wildlife, livestock and families, including thousands of his Navajo people were left without fresh water. He sold many of his images and was able to buy over 5 semi trailers of fresh drinking water. To date, this is one of his favorite memories of why he is a photographer. His efforts were seen by over a quarter million people and was highlighted in a segment of "Utahns Making a Difference"  which you can view here.

Mylo has also worked with non-profits on Humanitarin missions to help bring light to homes and familes in need. In 2015, after delivering water to many families, Mylo joined Eagle Energy and Goal Zero to provide portable power to Navajo families.

The team was able to instal solar panels, portable power batteries and lights in homes that are off the grid. He loves Goal Zero for helping his people have light because Mylo did all his school work under candlesticks, kerosene lamps or in front of his family's stove.

In October of 2018, Mylo participated in installing solar power for 42 families in need of light within and around Canyon De Chelly. To see the highlight video, visit the 'Giving Back' tab or click here.

We sincerely cherish each person who appreciates his work!

May You Walk in Beauty, 



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