The images below will be signed, matted and will easily fit into an 8x10 frame.

Simply find the corresponding name of the image and select it from the drop down menu at the bottom of the page.

Your order will help us power and light the next 25 homes across Navajoland!

Shaandiin (Navajo for One with Light)

The Story of Time

Navajo Crosswalk

Mother Earth & Father Sky

The Wild Side

The Old Days

Walk in Beauty

A New Day

The Playground

Red, White & Blue

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Return here to select your 2nd print and click add to cart again.

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Repeat this process until you have all the images you would like.

(I'm so sorry it's tedious!)


If you would like to order all 10, please use the button below.

*** You'll get a 15% discount ***

Thank you for your order!

Your purchase will help homes in need of light and power across Navajoland.

Our goal is to power 100 homes in 2020 and we are already 1/3 of the way there!!


Mylo Fowler

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