2020 - Myron Fowler

The video above will show you how we light homes across Navajoland.

Proceeds from your 2020 Calendar order will help as we move forward.

Thank you so much for your contribution!

Though small, we will make a tremendous difference!


If you would like to donate any amount, please use the donate button below.

"Mylo shipped the calendars fairly quickly and wow, it is beautiful! I'm glad to know I'm helping even though I'm far from the Southwest!" Jane R. – NY.

"The calendar shipped wonderfully and really fast. The photographs are fantastic, I am sure I will enjoy. Thank you so much!"  Miranda W. – MD.

2020 Calendar Images

2020 Color Calendars are:

1 for $15

2 for $22

3 for $33

4 for $44

5 for $55

(IF you would like to order more than 5, please contact me at: mylo@fourthworldimages.com)

Each order includes S/H. 

For US Orders, please order below:

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For International Orders Shipping Outside the US, please order below.

2020 Color Calendars are $20 each which includes S/H:


Thank you for donating:

Rob S. – $150 (from Australia!)

Zeeshan K. – $20

Ellen T. – $25

Photo's by Braydon Ball.

“The Mormon History Association distributed more than 400 of Mylo’s stunning calendars at our last historical conference. Everyone loved them, not only because they were breathtakingly beautiful, but also because proceeds went to such a worthy cause.”

Barbara Jones Brown, MHA Executive Director


"Navajo Gaming bought 150 of Mylo's calendars and can be purchased at Fire Rock, Northern Edge and Twin Arrows Casino gift shops."


Thank you for ordering your calendar(s)

Robert G. – OR.

Juan A. – CO.     Bill & Vanessa O. – KS.     Julie M. – CO.

Millie B. – UT.     Paul F. – TX.     Tom G. – UT.

Cassidy H. – CO.     Vivian Y. – MT.     Carol C. – IA.

Monte R. – AZ.     Michael P. – NM.     John P. – NY.

Patti R. – CA.     Cynthia S. – ME.     Juluis S. – AZ.

Bryson J. – UT.     Nancy W. – AZ.     Lisa C. – GA.

Tonya J. – CA.     Cameron F. – MO.     Michael J. – CO.

Rebecca M. – CA.     Rachel A. – UT.     Amy W. – FL.

Marian K. – WA.     Kaye C. – ID.     Steven G. – TX.

Gordon Y. – FL.     Terryl J. – TX.     Zeeshan K. – TX 

Janette L. – UT.    Joann Y. – UT.     Paul G. – UT.

Sophia L. – NY.     Monti R. – WA.     Carol B. – MD

Juanita V. – CO.     Millie B. – UT.    Vicky Y. – FL.

Miranda W. – MD.    Robin S. – CO.    Chris D. – UT.

Marsaille K. – OH.    Karalie V. – OR.    Tiffany Y. – NY.

Cadence R. – NV.     Jessica S. – TX.     Josephine J. – UT

Maryann J. – UT.     Brian F. – NJ.     Ken K. – NJ.

Gwendolyn C. – UT.     Kalyn C. – UT.     Eden A. – NM.

Cameron D. – AR.     Thayne J. – UT.     Shelly B. – NM.

Brandon S. – NY.     Debra D. – AZ.     Michael J. – CO.

Jessica R. – UT.     Rob W. – UT.     Summer S. – AZ.

Arild V. – Norway     Adeline M. – CA.     Edward M. – IL.

Ranelle N. – PA.     Jannie B. – AZ.     Thedia G. – AZ.

Erika F. – MD.     Zana S. – UT.     Jane M. – UT.

Riley H. – UT.     Parker S. – UT.     Christabel K. – CA.

Erika T. – AZ.     Douglas B. – NM.     Ariane C. – NM.

Maria W. – AZ.     Gwen W. – AZ.     Joshua R. – MN.

Alex M. – UT.     Michelle D. – AZ.     Mark W. – CA.

Jennifer A. – UT.     Daniel M. – NH.     Nicole P. – UT.


"Thank you for the email and for giving us the opportunity to help with your endeavors. What a wonderful way to use your talent to give back, helping others. I look forward receiving my new calendar!!"

Becky M. – CA.

"The calendars arrived yesterday just as estimated and they are lovely. Many place we recognize from our travels like Monument Valley... We love that you are bringing more light and power to Navajoland!"

Vannessa O. – KS.

"Thank you Mylo, my family will enjoy the great photography on the calendar we received! Looking forward to more of your beautiful photographs!"

Vicki Y. – FL.

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