Myron Fowler

What If — Over the last several days, we’ve been saying “what if” in our conversations regarding our upcoming trip to Europe. We leave Tuesday morning and return on May 8th. It sounds like a dream trip but in reality, the what if’s are still lingering.

I prefer not to dive into why we’re going to Europe, which may have its own place and time, but more importantly, address the what if’s we probably all have because even the best looking lives in our neighborhood or people we decide to follow on social media, occasionally say what if.

I prefer and try my best to prepare for worst case scenarios, whether that be driving alongside Utahn’s which is scary at times HA!, potential storms and certainly raising two kids who call two places “home”. In all, if things work out with whatever I’m focusing on, then I don’t have much to feel but gratitude.

As I look at this particular exposure, there’s a telling sign of good storms weathered which created such a magnificent hillside presentation for many to enjoy!! (Denali was 2 years old and under my Gitzo tripod when I took this exposure.) To be absolutely direct with you, I removed cables and lines because I wondered what this place would look like before man put those there. Well, here you go. (The full/amazing photograph can be seen on my website. Instagram gives the vertical exposure a horrible presentation.)

At 2am this morning I was reading my scriptures to find some comfort and while laying in bed, a quiet whisper said “Just look at nature”. Clearly the beauty we see, enjoy or are immersed in, has weathered many storms to arrive at such.

Though The Creators footprints are in my composition, I regularly see a worn weathered place for me to enjoy. With slot canyons, many years of rough, torrential water carved and turned solid Navajo sandstone into such a wonder. I feel that way about each one of us.

Life isn’t always easy but meant to be endured at times. When the many what if’s and the many storms are weathered, my assumption is we all will more than likely have something beautiful like this hillside.

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